4 out of 5 public schools report violent criminal incidents 

1 out of 5 report serious violent criminal incidents taking place on school grounds

Robert D. Sollars has more than 35 years of experience in the security field. He started as a security guard for Wells Fargo Guard Services (now defunct and part of Securitas) in St. Joseph, Missouri. During his time there he progressed to facility supervisor and field supervisor. He also served on numerous pre-strike and strike operations as both captain and coordinator.

He then went to Allied Security (now Allied-Universal) in Kansas City, Missouri, as a client services coordinator. He was awarded several decorations and then was made an office scheduler. Later he became a trouble shooter for the company and successfully turned around several accounts.

The rest of his resume includes over 150 media appearances including articles he’s written as well as radio and television appearances, print interviews and internet blogs. He has also worked for other companies, both in Missouri and Arizona, where he quickly moved into management because he was known as a problem solver.

In 2003, six weeks after moving to Arizona, he went blind, but he has continued to work within the security industry as a writer, blogger, trainer and consultant. He is a member of ASIS International in the Phoenix Chapter and is their public relations chairman.

He didn’t let that inconvenience him in the slightest. He promptly turned his attention to sharing the lessons he learned during his long career. He has published three books and hosted numerous seminars to help companies put strong security in place to protect both employees and customers!


Robert has written two books – One Is Too Many is a training manual on the prevention of workplace violence. His newest book, Breaking the Customer Services Rules, is a guide to helping companies provide customer-oriented quality service 100% of the time.

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