Unconventional Customer Service Seminar

Need to know how to break the rules and get rid of those sacred cows in your customer service programs? Would like to empower your employees to satisfy customer needs? From the internal to the external customer, we can help  provide unconventional customer service to them, including learning when to break the rules in to provide unparalleled service that will vault you to the top of your industry.

One Is Too Many Seminar

Workplace Violence Prevention Seminar

Workplace Violence is an issue that plagues all types of businesses. From disagreements, to arguments, from domestic violence that spills into the workplace, to violent episodes on the job site, I have developed this series of workshops to help everyone in a company prepare and cope with workplace violence incidents.

Employees – will be taught when and where WPV occurs. They’ll how simple teasing can turn into bullying and harassment, as well as about actual violent episodes which can cause injury and death. The seminar will also cover the attitudes and profiles of employees who are likely to go off and the company’s attitudes that actually encourage the violence.

They’ll also learn about the biggest mistake both employees and managers make … and the excuses why they shouldn’t worry or report it. The training includes the 22 warning signs of an employee who might be contemplating violence. By its nature it’s a list of things that need to be reported to a supervisor or manager no matter what, and taken seriously.

Supervisors, Managers, and Executives – management will receive the same information as employees, and in additionthis part of the seminar is directed at supervisors and management and the steps they must take to prevent workplace violence from happening in their business. They’ll learn supervision and management tactics, management of and working with professional security personnel, and how to avoid the ‘Just this once’ excuse.

School Violence Prevention

While all schools work hard to prevent school violence, students, staff, and parents all have an important role in promoting school safety, they may not think of everything. We do! This workshop can be geared toward educating parents and teachers to help them understand their role and how they can help … or it can be geared toward school officials to help create security plans, emergency response plan, evacuation plans and more.

Holiday Safety & Security Workshop

This workshop is designed for employees to help them handle the hustle and bustle during the holiday season. It will go into detail about what to watch for in scams, thefts and criminal tactics that hooligans can use to steal your merchandise as well as your feelings of holiday cheer, warmth and the joy of the season.

Home Security Workshop

This workshop will detail the steps anyone can use to ensure that their home is safe and secure for them and their loved ones…as it should be. From doors, windows, landscaping, locks, pools, and other security procedures. We can also cover alarm systems, as well as many other low cost solutions to securing the one place where people deserve to be safe and secure…their home.

Security for the Disabled Workshop

This is basically a different telling of the home security seminar with the twist of being specifically for those who are disabled. It will touch on the above factors and then go into the specifics that disabled people need to know to protect themselves.

Security Officer Training Seminar

(Whole course or individual modules)

Course from the history of security, report writing, patrolling, emergency situations, role playing, and customer service (a mandatory course for security in this age)

Security Management Training:
Have a problem account? Need advice on handling certain officer issues? Need someone to go between you, the client, officers, and/employees? That is the idea behind this class from a 35-year veteran of the security field. Having seen nearly every single thing from disrespectful and insubordinate officers and supervisors to clients who are impossible to work with and change ‘standing orders’ as often as they change their underwear, Robert can explain how to best handle each situation.

Depending on the issue, training could range from a simple consultation to several days or longer.