Robert has more than 35 years in effectively servicing customers in a variety of fields. He has been involved with Coaching, training, mentoring and management. Throughout his career Robert has consistently provided his companies, clients, and employees with high quality services and assistance.

Robert is a unique and quirky individual who has believed for his entire career that security and customer service must go hand in hand, except in rare circumstances, in order to be effective and efficient. By combining these two supposedly separate areas he has helped to reduce turnover, theft, increased customer satisfaction of nearly everyone, and gained their lasting respect.

He has been featured on numerous regional radio and television talk shows as a security & customer service expert. In addition to radio and television, he has also been quoted in several newspapers, including the Kansas City Star and Security Concepts. He has been published more than 75 times in several newsletters and magazine. Additionally, he has made more than 150 presentations and seminars geared for all levels of companies and organizations.

In 2003, Robert lost his site due to an illness.
He didn’t let that inconvenience him in the slightest. He promptly turned his attention to sharing the lessons he learned during his long career. He has published two books and hosted numerous seminars to help companies break the rules and deliver customer-oriented quality service!


He has worked in a variety of locations and in a variety of industries. Here are a few of the companies he was worked for and with:

  • Peachtree Doors & Windows
  • Blueside Companies (a tanning producer of hides)
  • Monfort Pork a hog butcher & producer
  • American Family Insurance Regional Office
  • St. Joseph Power & Light Corporate Offices
  • Wire Rope Corporation of America
  • Airport Ramada Inn (Kansas City International)
  • Avis-Rent-A-Car (which he brought to his new employer in 1996


At every position he has held, Robert has been involved with:

  • Interviewing
  • Hiring
  • employee screening
  • coaching
  • training (both classroom & OJT)
  • Revising post orders and manuals to ensure client compliance
  • scheduling
  • management
  • disciplinary action
  • termination

In addition to those office traits he has assisted his and his company’s clients with:

  • Physical security surveys
  • Workplace violence consulting and training
  • Being available 24/7 to his clients and officers
  • Spoken to and given presentations to CEO’s, General Managers, business owners, and employees
  • Post inspections of officers at all hours
  • Standing post when necessary
  • Providing back-up for officers and clients when necessary