January 3, 2019

Yearend review of WPV/SV numbers

Below are the statistics that I collected in 2018 for workplace and school violence (WPV/SV).

If you are interested enough to fact check my numbers you will also find that some of the recorded incidents are not reflected in the state numbers. With more than 2,250 schools the target of threats and other violence, I went with the recorded reports from various sources of more than 50 threats and etc. every week in the country. However, they were not broken into individual states or incidents so…

Another point on the numbers… The total number of states that I did not receive any incidents was 12. This doesn’t indicate that no incidents occurred in these states, simply that I did not hear of any of them. While I know for a fact that incidents did occur in them, if I do not receive any reports I don’t claim them in the numbers.

Remember that WPV/SV can occur both in and out of the organization if it occurs because of work or school.

Keep in mind as well that because you see 109 incidents in Arizona, that it doesn’t mean that the land of AZ is a dangerous state. Reality will intrude here because I live here and am close to California. I am absolutely positive that California received many more than is reported and the same goes for Texas, Illinois, & every other state. The numbers for December are directly under the state numbers and then the total for the year.


Numbers by State:

Arizona                                                                  85

New York                                                               55

California                                                               26

Florida                                                                    22

Texas                                                                      21

Pennsylvania                                                         12

Illinois, Washington D.C.                                    9

Nevada                                                                   8

Georgia                                                                  7

Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina     6

Colorado, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee,

Washington                                                           5

Alabama, Massachusetts, Missouri                  4

Indiana, Kansas, South Carolina, Utah            3

Arkansas, Connecticut , Maine, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Wisconsin   2

Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, West Virginia, Virginia   1

Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana

Nebraska, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Wyoming

Vermont                                                                0


Incidents for December:

With mass shootings everywhere and threats abounding daily somewhere in the country. This is supposed to be a time for forgiving and love. Unfortunately, a few people never got that memo. Therefore, they are mired in their own self-pity and self-centeredness so they continue to do what normal people don’t…even when frustrated beyond the breaking point.

Having said that, you’ll notice fewer actual incidents this month than last and for the year. Why is that you ask? Because the news media doesn’t report many of these at this time of the year and instead are still focusing on the mid-term elections, next year, and stories that mainly are fluff…cuddly puppies and fuzzy kittens that got rescued. Not that those stories are unimportant but…they aren’t the real news we expect to see when turning on the 4 O’clock news.

You’ll also notice that most of these incidents are school incidents. It seems that the media is re-focusing on school violence/threats than just a few weeks ago. Why is that? I have absolutely no clue.

Also, I have included in the overall numbers the 100,000 number of bomb threats that received by innumerable businesses across the country the week before Christmas. Many caused disruptions and buildings evacuated.

But without further adieu…

Gilbert, AZ. December 3 (school)               0

Kansas City, KS. December 3                       1w   2d

New Baltimore, MI. December 4 (school) 0

New York, NY. December 6                         0

Greensboro, NC. December 6 (school)     0

Creve Coeur, MO. December 7 (school)   1w

Minot, ND. December 10                             0

Minot, ND. December 10                             0

New York, NY. December 13                       0


These were a series of bomb threats that were received by businesses, hospitals, & schools across the country

Lockport Twshp, IL. December 13 (school) 1w

Richmond, IN. December 13 (school)                   1d

New Town, CT. December 14 (school)      0

Phoenix, AZ. December 15                                      1d

Mesa, AZ. December 15                               0

Buckeye, AZ. December 26                          0

Kansas City, MO. December 26                  0

Seguin, TX. December 30                             0

Oklahoma City, OK. December 31             0

December:100,128 incidents  4 dead  2 wounded

These numbers include the 2 dozen incidents of attacks on Waymo drivers in the Phoenix area that weren’t reported by the media until a daily brief on January 2nd #news923


Total numbers for the year:

(remember, , I promised to report the total number of school violence threats and incidents, even if I didn’t have the actual reports to back them up. I also included the 100,000 bomb threats received by businesses throughout the United States & Canada the week before Christmas…and I don’t have all of them either)

Year-to-Date: 102,636

Arizona: 109

222 Dead      318 Wounded


Drop a line and tell me your thoughts on these numbers at robertsollars2@gmail.com, I’ll be interested in hearing them.

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