December 27, 2018

References to help minimize a Workplace Violence incident

Listed below are companies & consultants that can assist any business with their security needs during an incident of workplace violence (WPV) prevention. I can attest they are all reputable and competent companies and consultants. This is by no means a total and complete list, but only the ones that I know and have worked with.

Please note that I said prevention. The consultants can help you before an incident only if you take the necessary action of contacting them before an incident. The contract security companies can provide personnel to secure your facility to prevent entry to someone intent on harming you or an employee.

The consultants and trainers will travel virtually anywhere in the country and for a long term contract the security companies will enter the market. Also note that the local companies I’ve listed are headquartered in the United States while many nationally known companies i.e. Allied-Universal are not headquartered in the United States but elsewhere.


Security Providers

Eagle Force Security

Ryan Eldridge


Glendale, AZ.

Arizona, Nevada, & Kentucky


Anderson Security Agency Ltd.

Kim Anderson-Maddich



Arizona & Nevada


Rockwell Security

Jeff Taylor


Overland Park, KS.


Missouri, Kansas, Nevada, & Louisiana


Lionheart Security Services

  1. Michael Morrison


Tempe, AZ.



Consultants & Trainers:

Felix P. Nater

Nater Associates, Ltd.



Conflict Resolution

Insight Employment

Amy Lieberman

Scottsdale, AZ.



Robert D. Sollars

Tempe, AZ.




Robert D. Sollars assists businesses and their employees to lessen their risk of WPV as well as other security/customer service related issues with time tested and proven ideas. You can follow him on his Facebook page,, or twitter@robertsollars2.

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