December 3, 2018

It was supposed to be the month of giving thanks

But unfortunately, it turned out to be a deadly month for WPV/SV incidents. There weren’t that many incidents during the month…however, the number of fatalities was extremely high. It was basically elevated by the incident in Thousand Oaks, CA. where 13 people were killed and none wounded, that was reported. Then another shooting in the small city of Globe, AZ, about 90 minutes east of Phoenix.

Let’s hope that the year can close on a better note than the death & destruction we saw in November with firestorms and murders in the unlikeliest places.


Mesa, AZ. November 1 (school)                    0

Tallahassee, FL. November 2                         2d     4w

Los Angeles, CA. November 2 (school)                 1w

Baxter County, AR. November 2                   0

Thousand Oaks, CA. November 8, 2018       13d

Robbins, IL. November 10                                1d

Globe, AZ. November 11                                 3d       1w

Albuquerque, NM. November 12                  1d      3w

Glendale, AZ. November 16 (school)            0

Truman, AR. November 16                            1d       1w

Chicago, IL. November 19                            4d

Hoover, AL. November 22                             1d     2w

Syrcuse, NY. November 23                                      2w

Ocala, FL. November 24                                 1d    1w

Paradise Twshp, PA. November 27              1d

Baltimore, MD. November 27 (school)                1w

Baltimore, MD. November 30 (school)                 1w

November:  16 incidents  28 dead  17 wounded


Year-to-Date: 308 Arizona: 81

218 Dead      315 Wounded

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