November 20, 2018

Not wanting to disrupt your holidays too much…

With the thoughts of death and destruction from workplace, domestic, and school violence, I wanted to write this note for the months of November & December about posts that may disturb the holiday season for you. I will be posting fewer blogs for the time being, because hearing of the demise and obliteration of fellow humans doesn’t exactly conjure up feelings of warm fuzzies.

Christmas, and the other associated holidays, is a time of year for giving back and basking in the glow & warmth of friendship and fellowship, with family and friends. While security is an important item not to overlook at any time of the year, this holiday I don’t want to intrude too much on your warm and fuzzy feelings. Therefore, beginning with this post, I will restrict the number of posts I am sending out to just one per week, if that.

Until the next post… have a great and wonderful Christmas season and be safe, secure, and aware of your surroundings at all times. Just as an added note here at the bottom…I write these posts for the idea that I love y’all and want to keep you safe and secure.

Robert D. Sollars helps organizations to safeguard the lives of their employees and students and lessen their risk of violence, as well as with other security–related issues, using time–tested and proven ideas.


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He is the author of three books on preventing violence in both schools and businesses, all available on Amazon.

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I May Be Blind, but My Vision Is Crystal Clear


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