November 5, 2018

October is the spooky month…for WPV/SV…

The spookiest incident occurred 5 days before the end of the month and brought the incident level to half normal. However, the death and wounded in the Jewish Synagogue was horrendous in and of itself. Was it unexpected that a church was targeted? Not at all…remember Sutherland Springs last November. It still shocks people though when a place of worship is ever targeted by these predators in an effort to wreck their rage at those gathering to glorify God, in their own way. But without further ado…


Orlando, FL. October 1                                      1d

Washington D.C. October 1                   0

Denver, CO. October 2                          0

Florence, SC. October 3                        7W       2d

Goodyear, AZ. October 4 (school)         0

Glendale, AZ. October 5 (school)           0

Phoenix, AZ. October 5                         1w

Tempe, AZ. October 7 (school)              0

Tucson, AZ. October 10                        1w        1d

Grand Canyoun, AZ. October 11            2w

Lorraine, OH. October 17 (school)         3w

Salt Lake City, UT. October 21 (school)             2d

Washington D.C. October 22                 1w

Bartow, FL. October 23 (school)            0

Lumberton, NJ. October 24 (school)       0

New York, NY. October 24                   0

Jeffersontown, KY.October 24                           2d

Florence, AZ. October 24 (school)         0

Pittsburgh, PA. October 27                    8w        11d

Birmingham, AL. October 28                 2w        1d

Matthews, NC.October 29 (school)                    1d

Tempe, AZ. October 30, 2018                2w

October: 22 incidents 19 dead 28 wounded


Year-to-Date: 291 Arizona: 78

190 Dead      298 Wounded


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