October 25, 2018

I am the Customer Service Revolutionary!

The Customer Rage Survey, by the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University in Tempe AZ. This annual survey of customer service attitudes told us that customer service is a hot button issue for millions of Americans and should be of concern to all businesses. If we don’t please our customers…

As with previous years, the biggest offenders of good customer service were computer, telephone, & cable providers. They have ranked high on the survey for nearly three decades and the survey shows that they are not inclined to slow their ‘dominance’ of the survey in providing poor customer no service.

It also reported that Americans are also fed up with voice menu systems with its endless options and frustration with being unable to speak to an actual human. But because of these statistics and other customer no service attitudes held by companies it hurts them in the wallet, but unfortunately, there are limited options due to innumerable reasons.

Americans get fed up with attempting to get answers and not getting them, they simply give up and decide not to buy or continue to pay for a product or service even if the service is lousy. This in turn costs American businesses more than $313 BILLION each and every year.

Yet, businesses continue to do what they can to avoid talking to customers over the phone thinking that voice menus and computers can solve the problem. Additionally, they also believe that they are saving money by sending customers on a treasure hunt through the forest of these endless options and computer-generated voices that, sometimes, refuse to recognize a command.

Then of course there are the customer no service representatives (CSR) that have absolutely no authority to assist you in gaining information or a refund, much less get a definitive and succinct…maybe, answer for…anything.

Ever try and call the government, at any level? You usually get the answer, and of course I’m paraphrasing here “I can’t help you with that but I’ll transfer you too…and maybe they can help”. After spending 45 minutes on hold, or longer if you are calling your internet provider, you still can’t get a person who can help!

So, in order to combat this attitude of customer no-service, I am announcing that my new book on customer service will be out soon. “Unconventional Customer Service: How-to break the rules to provide unparalleled service” will be published before the holidays. Preview it at: http://www.dldbooks.com/robertdsollars/

Have any questions or comments? Drop me a line and ask! You cain’t get an answer unless you do!

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